Will Adobe XD run ok if I have 3 different versions of the same plugin installed?

In my Adobe XD plugin list I have my own plugin installed through the plugin market place. Then I use UXP Dev tool to load in the development version.

If after I package my xdx and I’d like to check it works correctly, I can double click it and install it.

Is this OK to do to test the plugin was packaged correctly? Should I uninstall anything beforehand or does XD manage all of these use cases simultaneously?

I guess my question is how to test the release build in the new UXP dev tools workflow (my past testing was a different process).

I have both local development, plugin manager and local production installed now and I see two listing of my plugin in the plugins menu. I don’t see a difference between them.

I was going to unload using UXP devtools but that option is not available.

I’ve disabled the install from the plugin manager, made sure UXP did not have a version loaded and double clicked to install my local release build. Seems to work.