Testing plugin release build locally using XD 43 or greater

I have two recent issues.

I’m not able to test my plugin release build locally. It might have to do with Creative Cloud upgrades.

When I create a plugin, I select all the files and compress it into a zip then rename the extension to XDX. Then I double click on it to test it in XD.

In the past, Adobe XD opened and installed. Now Creative Cloud opens and I get this error.

The second issue is that one of my published plugins is not opening and has reported generating errors.

It looked like I had missing dependencies so I submitted an update to address it but the update was rejected. I don’t know if they are related or if it’s a separate issue.

I just tried again and got it to work. Yay!

I uninstalled my plugin and closed down Adobe XD.

If I double click on the XDX it opens Adobe XD and asks if I want to install. I click yes and it installs successfully.

If I update the manifest to a higher version and double click on the XDX again it opens Creative Cloud and then I get the error shown above.

If I uninstall the plugin and close XD and Creative Cloud then try again then it installs through Adobe XD successfully.