22.4.0 Broke <sp-popover> layout

The PS 22.4 update broke how <sp-popover> buttons are rendered; it’s acting like they have a built in <br> tag.

I had a row of <sp-button> tags, and near the end of the row were two <sp-popover> buttons – with 22.4 they are now on their own row. It’s enough that just an empty <sp-popover id="foo"></sp-popover> block is enough to effectively stick in a line break.

I’d love a patch to fix this, but I’m guessing that’s not likely. Is there any HMTL or CSS I can add to this that would workaround the problem in the meantime? Currently we’ve had to tell customers to roll back to 22.3.x but that’s not going to work long term :stuck_out_tongue:

from the look of it I think the following CSS might fix the issue

sp-popover {

display: inline-block;


Yes, that did the trick – thanks @Maher !

you’re welcome, I don’t always recommend altering the default styles. so it might be better practice if you select the buttons with a class or a more specific selector. especially if you’re working with a team that might expect default styles for some elements in the future.