Ability to move interactions from node to node

I realize it would be a rather complex API to have the ability to build interactions in code, but it would be extremely useful to have the ability to at least move the interaction settings from one scenenode to another.

Use case: a plugin needs to make a proxy node (temporary replacement) for a node with interactions attached. If it could simply move the interaction data from the original to the proxy, and move it back when done, that would be enough.

This feature is not possible at the moment since the interactions API is read-only. Once the write API becomes available, plugins can potentially copy json structure of the existing node and paste into the new node. We will keep you posted!

Right, understood about it not being available now. My suggestion was a half-way house between full write APIs and the read-only API we have now…

I would like to use the interactions API in write mode to make a simple transition/animation from a scene to next scene with the delay/duration value from a storyboard. I am now making a plugin for making a storyboard.

So user can easily check a preview of a storyboard with Prototype mode of XD and can share it their clients for review to get feedback.

This request comes from a video creator who is now participating the beta testing of my plugin. He says if sharing a preview of storyboard from XD, it could save a lot of time in pre production.