About the Introductions category

Say “Hi!” to the community and welcome newcomers.

Just wanted to reply in this “introductions” category to give it some more visibility. As the last post is already half a year old, it seems like this category got kind of “forgotten”.

I’d like to encourage everyone to write a short introduction. Not because I’m interested in your hobbies or such things (well, maybe a bit, but that’s not what this is about :wink:), but because, when I answer questions, it is always good to know how much experience you have. If you’re a beginner: Totally fine, but it’s a piece of valuable information since I then know I’ll probably have to go into more detail for my answer to be valuable to you (and also can’t neglect the possibility of a beginner mistake). If you’re already experienced with JS: Perfect, I can then assume that you probably haven’t done some beginner mistakes and just “move on”, getting to a solution faster. Also, as there are more and more users that don’t really care about plugins for XD, but just about UXP, that’s also good to know since I then don’t have to “focus” on XD and also know that I cannot just assume you know the basics of building a plugin for XD (not meant as something negative, but just as a fact).

Therefore, while you, of course, don’t have to do it, I think it’d be quite valuable if more people did introduce themselves in the category as it would probably lead to everyone getting their answers faster and with less unnecessary steps :slightly_smiling_face: