Action recording for UXP plugins

Action recording for UXP plugins is now available in Ps Beta. With this new feature you can make functions from your UXP plugin recordable in Actions.

Try out the menu recording (remember to enable in the manifest) and the direct call, recordAction.



Been waiting for this :slight_smile:

I just added this to a plugin and it worked flawlessly!

I wrapped the require(‘photoshop’).action.recordAction line inside a try/catch. That way it will run on the beta release with action recording but not throw an error in the current public release.

I have 3 plugins I am going to release updates for next week with this. My users have been asking for this for a long time so thanks :slight_smile:

In the future, one thing that would be nice to have if possible would be for the action step to display the object properties. That way the user can see the plugin settings that were used when the action was recorded. Either way, I’m still super happy having the feature though.


I’ve added the action recordability into 2 plugins. It works, except I have discovered 2 bugs.

  1. If you double click on the action step itself inside the action, it will process the step. However, after it runs the step, the dropdown from the step goes away and then it just says “Script Action” in the step. After that, the step won’t play back anymore.

  2. Running an action that has a step recorded with a UXP plugin won’t play back when running the action from another UXP plugin. I know there was a block in place when trying to run actions that played a JSX script. This seems to do the same thing with actions that have a UXP plugin step.

I have an automation plugin called “Hot Folder” that plays actions. Many of my users would like to record some of my plugins into actions and process with the Hot Folder plugin. Is there some special permission that I need to grant in the manifest file in order for a plugin to be able to play actions that have a recorded UXP plugin step?

Yes, we have a fix for the first one already. That should be in Beta soon.

I have logged the second. You are likely correct in your assessment.

Awesome, thanks.

For the second, I am wondering if the executeAsModal from the Hot Folder batching plugin is blocking the action step with the recorded UXP plugin from running???