Recording UXP into an Action?

I know this has been brought up in the past but not sure of the current status. I’m wondering if there has been anything developed or announced when it will be developed to allow UXP to be recorded into an action?

Also, not just the recording into an action part… I also am curious if it will have the ability to record user settings into the action too.

I finally just converted my last JSX script holdout into UXP. This script has a ton of users worldwide and many of them are recording it into actions. So that will be missed a lot until I can get it working in UXP.

The JSX script used <javascriptresource>, <menu>, and <terminology> in order to put the JSX script into the Photoshop Filter menu and also record the user settings into an action. So from the user’s view, it was more of a plugin than a script.

The lack of action recording was the main reason I held off on converting this but I finally just decided to do it and am already getting users asking me why they can’t record actions using it. If I just had a timeline to tell them for when it may be available that would be helpful.

I see that in roadmap: Trello

It was planned for Jan-Mar quarter :speak_no_evil: