Add support for Text SVG elements in Adobe XD plugins

Hi there, my name is Pavel! I’m a developer of Chart plugin for XD.

I want to add more features to plugin using d3.js as an engine for dataviz, but cannot do it because Adobe XD doesn’t support proper SVG in Dialogs. So there is just no way how to use dataviz libraries in Adobe XD instead of Figma or Sketch.

Please, add proper support for SVG, so customers could get access to the proper dataviz features as on other platforms.


Can you be more specific as to the features that are missing in SVG for your usecase?

Sure! It is all features that are related to Text elements:

  1. Axis labels
  2. Data labels
  3. Legend

I will attach two screenshots: how it should look and how it is actually look in Adobe XD.

The problem is missing Text values in SVG that I render in Adobe XD Dialog with d3.js.

The second one:

Can you also share an SVG that’s exported? Would like to include an example for the team internally.

Sure! As you can see in Adobe’s version most of the text tags are empty (I cannot attach SVG, so I will share the link to cloud storage):