SVG Test not rendered in plugin dialog


The following SVG is not correctly rendered in the a plugin dialog. It seems svg text is not supported. In this case the ‘5000’ is not rendered while the grey rectangle is

Is this a known issue? Any workaround available?



const uxp = require("uxp");
async function showSvg(selection:any) {
    document.body.innerHTML = `
        dialog {
            width: 400px;
            height: 200px;
        h1 {
            display: flex;
            align-items: center;
            justify-content: space-between;
        body { font: 12px Arial;}
        <form method="dialog">
            <h1><span>SVG test</span></h1>
            <hr />
                  <svg xmlns="" x="0px" y="0px" width="400" height="400">
	                <g width="400" height="400">
		                <rect x="0" y="10" height="20" width="200" fill="rgb(213, 213, 213)" style="fill-opacity: 1;"/>
                    <g transform="translate(100, 25)">
                        <text  fill="rgb(0, 0, 0)" style="font-size: 16px;">5000</text>
    const dialog = document.querySelector("dialog")
    const result = await dialog.showModal();
    return result;

export const commands = {
    showSvg : showSvg