SVG Images not rendering properly

While working on the update to the Icons plugin we noticed something odd trying to use SVG images as source to image tags (<img src="foo.svg" />) on the interface of the plugin. Whenever an icon is formed by a circle, it completly messes up it’s shape. Are we doing something wrong or is this a rendering problem?

For reference, this is the intended result:

And this is what we’re getting:

Thanks in advance.

@kerrishotts is there a known issue with UXP for this? @psa is referring to the two circle shapes at the bottom.

Yes, this is an issue with the current SVG renderer in XD 21. I believe this is fixed for XD 22. @psa, If you want to attach the SVGs themselves, I can test in a local build.

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Thanks for the clarification, I just sent you one of the SVG’s that’s having problems being rendered.