Is it possible to load SVG's inside the Dialog?

We would prefer to use SVG’s instead of PNG’s on our dialog. Is it possible? We aren’t able to.


Not at this time; You’ll need to render your SVGs to PNGs in order to display them. Adding SVG support is on our backlog.

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Hi @kerrishotts,

I have a bunch of svg’s that are used for drawing on the artboard, as well as using the same svg source files for displaying the expected outcome in the plugin UI - using png’s creates at least three major problems for my plugin

  • if storing all png’s in the plugin files, it makes the plugin itself waaay too heavy (definitely exceeding 25 MB)
  • if using an external library to convert svg’s to png’s - too complex, not a good solution in general as the result is again a bunch of heavy duplicate png’s for all svg’s (1 png for every single 1 svg)
  • loading correspondent png’s from elsewhere - requires network (my plugin needs to have the files locally so users are not tied to internet connection)

So here I hope this explains that this is a major issue for me delivering a good user experience. I would really appreciate if you could give us a rough estimate on when svg support for UI can be added.


Happy New Year!

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@kerrishotts any news?

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@peterflynn - do we have any plan to support this use case in the near future?

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I don’t mean to be annoying, but any updates would be very much appreciated. :stopwatch::stopwatch::hourglass_flowing_sand::hourglass_flowing_sand::smile::smile:

Since it’s still in “Future” in the roadmap, I guess it will get included eventually but not too soon…

Apologies – I missed replying to this yesterday (just got back from vacation) –

SVG support is something we’re working on, but it’s a big project (SVG is a large spec). So it’s going to take some time before we have support. I don’t have a firm estimate on that to offer anyone, unfortunately – anything I say at this point will be a complete guess.

Can you share (or DM) some of the images you’re trying to render, which cause your plugin to go past the 25MB limit? Maybe the limit is something that can be adjusted until we have SVG support available…


Updated post type to Feature Request.

Initial SVG support is coming in XD 21. It’s not perfect, so the SVG may have to be tweaked in order to render properly, and the initial implementation focuses more around icons than large images. Also, there are some limitations here, such as no support for <use>.

We’ll continue fleshing SVG support out in future releases.


Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :slight_smile: