Adjust height of <sp-dropdown>?

Is there a way to adjust the height, margins, padding or font size of the sp-dropdown tag? The width on the sp-dropdown works, but just not the height, margins, or padding. It takes up a lot of space. I want to make my panels as small as possible. It seems to ignore css for these items. The height css works for the sp-menu tag but the sp-menu tag controls the expanded size.

If it is isn’t possible, then is it possible to adjust the font size for the native HTML dropdowns? The native HTML dropdown is about the exact size I want… except the font in the options dropdown is huge. It is the same way in the Kitchen Sink document too. The dropdown text for the native dropdown seems to ignore any CSS for font size too.

Hi @ddbell!

I asked around, and the answer involves T-shirts:

…using t-shirt sizing (coming soon), you’ll be able to select a smaller Picker. in the meantime, you can adjust the variables that drive the Picker’s height, but you shouldn’t

Follow this issue on github for Picker’s t-shirt sizing.

…most components are getting t-shirt sizing (S, M, L, XL) etc. that way we can render large/smaller components where required.

OK, thanks, I will wait for the t-shirt sizing method to be available. I’m using that for the sp-heading and sp-body and tags already.

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