HTML <select> dropdown bug

Regarding the HTML select tag in Photoshop UXP…

  1. Is the HTML select tag going to be deprecated in future UXP releases? With the rollout of spectrum components, I’m a bit confused about what is going to remain and what is going to be deprecated for native HTML.

  2. If the select tag is going to remain, then there is a bug, at least on my system that causes super large font size in the dropdown. I saw this when testing for my own plugins. The issue was also in the Kitchen Sink plugin on my computer so I figured it was just a bug in the select tag and thought maybe it was being deprecated anyway.

However, I then saw the native HTML select tag being used in a video for a marketplace plugin and the display looked normal. So I installed the plugin from the marketplace and it had the same large font issue in the dropdown. So there is something for sure going on with my system. The computer is Windows 10 running Photoshop 22.2.0.

I opted to use the sp-dropdown instead for my plugin. However, due to spacing issues I see in the upcoming 22.3 release with the sp-dropdown, I was considering using the native HTML select tag until sp-picker was ready, if the select tag was working properly. So I guess I’m trying to figure out if this issue is just isolated to my computer with the select tag.

Here is the issue showing the issue in the Kitchen Sink plugin. It looks identical for all plugins on my system.

I have the same bug when I set Windows 10 UI scaling to 200%

Yep, it’s a Win10 Zoom/scaling issue. When set to 100%, it reverts back to regular font size.

OK, that was it. It is twice the size it needs to be at 200%. Even scaling at 150% which is the default setting for a 4k monitor, it is 1.5x bigger than it should be. I like running at 200% with a 4k because it gives the same sizing as a 1920x1080 monitor at 100%.

So basically, the select dropdown is unusable for now. I’m not even sure if long term it is being deprecated. So it may not even be an option based on that anyway.

<select> will be deprecated in the future. Have you posted on the issues you’re seeing with sp-dropdown?

No, but I can. I wasn’t sure if 22.3 was still being modified and it works fine in 22.2. It is only 22.3 having the issue. Also, I thought sp-dropdown was also being deprecated eventually too based on our discussion in a prior post discussing sp-picker.

Anyway, I’ll post about it today.

sp-dropdown and sp-picker would be the same implementation (just different names), so want to understand what issues you’re seeing, since those would carry over.