Select tag rendering

I’m using following layout

    <option value="@1x" selected>@1x</option>
    <option value="@2x">@2x</option>
    <option value="@1x">@2x</option>

Which leads to following rendered element on Windows platform (take a look at down arrow)
Xd version is image
Host in manifest is:

"host": {
  "app": "XD",
  "minVersion": "20.0"

UWP Dropdowns in XD have a very wide instrinsic width. What’s the width of the containing element?

Out of curiosity, if you try uxp-quiet="true", does the rendering improve any?

Hmmm, by some reason I can’t reproduce it now, I will post update if I face it again. Seems to be floating rendering problem (

Yep, there is something wrong with rendering. I got it once again:
and with uxp-quiet="true":

What OS version details can you share, so I can forward it to the appropriate team.

I’m on Windows 10 x64 build 18362.175 (version 1903).

image now drop down button is a sector :slight_smile:

More examples

@kerrishotts to forward this feedback to the team.

Started using select.disabled and it works great but should we make the disclosure icon faded too? I’ve seen it the way it is now in other frameworks but personally my preference is to fade the icon to match if possible.