Alchemist Set Brush Blend Mode Not Recording

I am trying to create a Batch Play to set the History Brush Blend Mode using Alchemist in Listener mode but it doesnt appear to be recording the actions when I change the blend mode.

Would this be a limitation of Alchemist’s Record options or am I doing something wrong.


Which version of the plugin are you using? THe one from the marketplace or Github?

I am using the one from Github which I believe has more options but no matter what I do, I just cannot seem to get it to record the brush blending modes as I change them.

Brush settings is not recordable action. But you can find that info in currentTool options in application class.

I have mange to get the Brush Blending mode using the curretTool options. I cannot figure it out how to set them using Batch Play.

Example: - Pressing a button sets the brush blending mode to Multiply