Curves Adjustmnet Layer Not Recording With Alchemist

I am trying to record a curve adjustment layer with alchemist. Creating the adjustment layer is fine but when you start to move the points in the curve, this step is not been recorded.

Other adjustment layers with sliders such as Levels do get recorded though.
Not sure if this is a bug or just the way it is.


After you have moved a point on a curve, just click outside of the adjustment layer, while listening, click on another layer for example. You will see your points being displayed in the listening area. Select the section of the code that is related to the points created/moved on the curve.

Thank You, I would never have figured that one out

Also with ActionManager, recording adjustment layers was a bit of a PITA, sometimes it requires a good deal of extra fiddling (e.g. also selecting a different layer worked for me in the past)