Any Info regarding the status of UXP in other CC Application

Any Info regarding the status of UXP in other CC Application

Not Sure where this should go. The URL here talks about CreativeCloudDevelopers. All i see is Photoshop & XD. Is there any info anywhere on the status of UXP in the other applications in CC. Or should we not be bothered with UXP yet ?.. We have serious investment in Illustrator & InDesign Panel Extensions so i would like some heads up on the state of play…
Or at least redirect me to where i can get more info. Thanks

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Hi there,

This is a good place to ask that question. Generally speaking, we haven’t provided UXP adaptation timelines here because product teams have not committed to timelines yet. Here’s an update by product that’s as accurate as I have information for at the time of this writing:

InDesign: Ever since we announced UXP, many InDesign developers have been waiting to use it! This year, InDesign has started using UXP (in particular for new features), so “first party” Adobe developers have started building using UXP. They haven’t put third party UXP APIs on their road map yet, but it is on the way.

Illustrator: ​Illustrator has not given us a date, and UXP support is not on their 2022 roadmap.

Premiere Pro: First party use of UXP by Adobe developers has been ramping up this year. However, Premiere Pro has not committed to a release date for third party developers in 2022.

After Effects: UXP usage by first party developers at Adobe is ramping up faster than expected. Although I have said publicly UXP would come to Premiere Pro before After Effects, I may have been wrong, UXP for After Effects might come out first.


As far I know there are intentions to provide fully complete DOM in other apps unlike in PS. In Photoshop you can fill gaps with batchPlay but that is the only app where this is possible.

Is there any update on the status of UXP for other CC Applications in general, and specifically for Premiere Pro?

Hi @CamelCase, Premiere Pro has started integrating UXP for first party (I.e., internal to Adobe use) but will not expose any UXP APIs to the public in 2022. That’s all the news we have at the moment.

@bbb_999 spoke more about it at Partner Days. If you log into the Adobe Prerelease (NDA required) you can get the link to that video and the password for more details.

Are you concerned about migrating?

Hi @Erin_Finnegan - thanks for that information, that is very helpful!

I’m not really concerned about migration in general. I simply have some things I have planned for the next few months; if UXP would have been available very soon, I could have saved some effort in making them work in CEP, but it is not a big deal and I obviously fully understand that the move from CEP to UXP will be progressive and take some time.

I will check out the prerelease video!


Happy New Year @Erin_Finnegan! Any updates to share on this? I’m especially curious if we can expect a UXP rollout for AE in 2023.