UXP Roadmap for other CC products

Any rough timeline for which other CC products will get UXP support and when?

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Hi @bertbb - first off, welcome to the Creative Cloud developer ecosystem! UXP support for other CC products is something that our internal teams are working on generating a timeline for. Once we have a well-defined roadmap, we’ll be sure to post about it in the #announcements channel! For the time being, UXP is limited to PS and XD.

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Thanks, is there any visibility into when the timeline might be shared? At some point we will need to decide whether to wait on more UXP dev or create our plugin with CEP (which we prefer not to)

@bertbb Which application(s) are you referring to specifically?

InDesign and Illustrator are probably the next 2 we would be looking at. Thanks!

@bertbb We’re not expecting any public releases of UXP for InDesign or Illustrator in 2022.

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ok thanks

out of curiosity do you expect UXP in any other CC products?

thanks !

Our teams recognize the demand for UXP as an extensibility in other applications as well, and hopefully we can see a beta release of UXP in InDesign or Illustrator in 2023 but for now, we have a limited bandwidth and are focusing on other items in our backlog.