Any way to have multiple UXP plugins share the same menu location?

Is there a way in UXP to have multiple plugins share the same root menu dropdown, like is possible in the Filter menu? For example, I have 3 Topaz Labs plugins in the Filter menu and they are all under a single Filter Menu item called “Topaz Labs”.

I would like to do the same with my UXP plugins and put them all under a single dropdown with my company name. I have 12 plugins released with a few more coming. So I feel like I’m being a menu space hog, LOL. I would really like to consolidate all of the plugins under one root menu item if that is possible.

A plugin can contain multiple panels, if that’s what you’re asking about. This thread has info.


For this I was actually asking about consolidating multiple plugins into a single menu item, not multiple panels in a single plugin. I’m up to 12 plugins and expanding. It doesn’t make sense to combine them into one as they are for very different tasks and the are already complex enough for each of them alone.

I also have a couple plugins that I am making into multi panel plugins too though. I posted asking about that yesterday. I was able to do that this morning with the top secret uxp-panel tag I was informed about :slight_smile: