Apple Sonoma 14.11 Broke My Panel With M2

I have a button which executes the Export As under the Photoshop File Menu

This works 100% on Apple Ventura and Sonoma 14.11 using an Intel iMac but with M2, the button does nothing.

Has anyone else experienced issues with broken panels using Apple M2 and Sonoma 14.11

Do you see any errors in console maybe?

Unfortunately, I do not own an M2 it’s just what I have been told from people who are using the plugin.

Apparently, when using Apple Sonoma 14.1 it works but after upgrading to Apple Sonoma 14.11, it fails

I am just mystified as to what can cause a Photoshop plugin to fail with an Apple update

By “execute” do you mean launch Export As? Using performMenuCommand ?

Yes thats what I mean @samgannaway

Apple released a new Sonoma Update 14.1.2 and the export as still isn’t working Using performMenuCommand

@samgannaway are you able to confirm if this is a UXP bug ?

When I upgraded my M2 Mac, I encountered a similar issue with one of my plugins. Strangely, all my plugin buttons work, except for the ‘Save As Copy’ functions. I had to reload the plugin from the menu each time to enable ‘Save As…’. This problem occurs only when I am running the installed versions through Creative Cloud (CC). However, when I open the plugin with developer tools to debug it, everything works perfectly. I’ve also generated plugin logs, but they haven’t revealed anything yet.

I created a new CCX under the Sonoma OS, and it started working again. But definitely, something isn’t right. I still encounter sometimes issue, ex: when running batch functions; it doesn’t save all the formats I’ve selected.

I tested the plugin on my window machine and everything works.

I’m beginning to wonder if this is a UXP bug, to be honest rather than an Apple bug.

Unfortunately, I only have an Intel-based MAC and the Export As button works fine and also on my Windows PC.

After revisiting my code, it now appears to be working.

I am not sure what actually fixed it, it just started to work again

What was the solution? Accepted post as a solution doesn’t actually have it :slight_smile: Or it just started working by itself? :confused:

It just started to work, I cannot gurantee what I did to be honest

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