Are you attending Adobe Max?

Are you attending Adobe Max? Join us for a joint viewing of the keynote on Tuesday: Adobe Max Keynote - Public Viewing for developers with the Creative Cloud Platform & Ecosystem Team - Nov 26 | Hopin

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Is there a place to leave some feedback someone would pay attention and quickly fix the issue with the player? It’s so frustrating… Have schedule for all three days, but it’s just infuriating - Windows would not recognize it’s playing and keeps turning off the monitor. If it’s not fixed, probably Keynote is the only session I’ll watch :frowning:

Trying to watch on Adobe MAX 2021 | The Creativity Conference

BTW, why say the feature is available now to try, if it gives a You don’t have access error? :thinking:

Hi Karmalakas, have you tried playing at full screen? Works fine here on different macs, my ipad or iphone.
Or can´t you just change the energy settings on your windows machine?

Doesn’t matter full screen or not (BTW, entering full screen is also a pain when double-click won’t cut and you have to find that small icon in the very corner :frowning:). It’s much easier to just not watch instead of playing around with system settings every time I start/pause the video or session ends :thinking:

OK, so that’s weird. It seems issue was only with Keynote live stream. Tried to reload the page, tried to reopen the tab even. Also tried rewinding and watching a bit delayed stream, but nothing helped - monitor kept turning off.

Checked Keynote on demand (after it ended) and now watched a few more sessions and no issues - monitor keeps on. No idea what went wrong with Keynote live :confused: Or was it fixed by any chance?