[BUG] Wrong cursor when mouse enters panel or dialog

I’m pretty sure I saw a topic about this, but can’t find it now. I believe it was posted by @AnthonyK :thinking: Sorry for pinging if I’m mistaken

Anyway, there are major issues with mouse cursor and same happens at least since 23.0.0 (currently on 23.0.1) and on 23.1 beta. Can be reproduced on Kitchen Sink plugin. At least on Windows 10

When panel or dialog are resizable, entering a mouse from any direction but top, changes cursor to double arrow (resize) on the panel/dialog edge, but never changes it back until you leave the panel/dialog. Entering mouse from the top helps (because cursor never changes there), but not a solution.

Also, when hovering mouse on text input, changes cursor to typing and never changes it back, until mouse leaves a dialog.

Also, when clicking on test input and start typing, cursor disappears completely and never reappears until mouse leaves a dialog (clicking somewhere in a dialog doesn’t help). Although, you can see buttons changing shade on hover and clicking works even if cursor is invisible.

I’m already nearing the end of my plugin development and thinking about recording a video for it, but can’t imagine how it would be possible if cursor is not there :frowning:

Yes, I mentioned this in a previous post. My solution was to add the following CSS:

body {
    cursor: default;

This cropped up about the same time with sp-textfield issues. Don’t know if it’s related or if Adobe plans to fix it.

Awesome. This seems to help as a workaround. Would be great if Adobe fixed this.

P. S. Did you delete that topic? It’s always better to post and accept your own answer as a solution :wink:

It wasn’t a separate topic. It was part of a reply to this post: https://forums.creativeclouddeveloper.com/t/spectrum-textfield-issues-in-photoshop-xd-max-2021-releases/3738

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Ah, I see :slight_smile: I just couldn’t find it and thought it was a separate topic that got deleted :slight_smile: My bad

Thanks, it cured my cursor problem and panel loosing Ps focus

Panel stealing focus was fixed in Ps 2022 from what I can tell and is likely not related to this CSS code. This CSS is only a workaround for the cursor issue Karmalakas asked about.