Can we change a plugin name after it's been submitted (emergency question)

Once a plugin has been approved and is shipping, is it possible to change the name without starting over with a new plugin?

I.e., if we change the manifest and re-submit with the new name (using the existing plugin entry in the console, with the same plugin ID), will it work?

This is an emergency question because the MAX booth assets are due in the next day or so and we’re making signs…

@stevekwak? @ashryan?

Does this answer your question?

Not clear (seems to imply you can), but thanks.

Any Adobe definitive answers?

@ashryan can clarify this for you

@cpryland Yes you will be able to rename plugins that are already published.

In fact, the I/O team is launching a new Console experience at the end of this month that will make this pretty simple to change and submit for review (we’ll be sharing more info on that soon).

So for actually renaming the plugin that’s already shipping today, I recommend waiting until the Console refresh in a few weeks.

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Thanks for the good news!

Could I request a simple feature where we could mark a plugin as “inactive” so abandoned plugins don’t clutter up the normal plugin interface? (Like what the Exchange console had, where you can have retracted plugins.)

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This one comes up a lot (in tandem with ability to delete plugin projects on the Console) and I’ve recently asked for it myself. I’m not sure whether it has made it out of the backlog at this point but it’s definitely noted as a request.

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Deletion would be ideal, but I’ve been told that’s not possible, even by contacting the CCIntegrationsReview team.

So the feature request is deletion absolutely, first priority, but if that’s not possible, at least de-activation.