console.log("Hello world")

I’m a software developer at a U.S. public transit agency currently working on an InDesign plugin to automate our printed timetable generation. Our current system is propriety, only works in CS5 and is held together with sticks and glue.

The end product will ideally take in a handful of JSON bus routes and spit out nicely-formatted timetables. I’m also aiming to make it super customizable, so my successors may find it useful. I have a rough proof of concept that I’m currently expanding with webpack/typescript/react and some other goodies.

About me, I’m a full stack software developer and I’ve been using Adobe software since at least CS2, so I’ve been speeding along. I want to thank @pklaschka and @DavideBarranca, I’ve found your various UXP resources very helpful this past week.

See you around!