[Course] Adobe UXP plugins development with React JS

Hi all,
I’m happy to announce that I’ve (finally…) published my UXP/ReactJS course! :tada:

I’ve been a bit silent in the last several months just because I was stuck in the attic producing it. You can find a whole lot of information about it in the course’s website.

The TL;DR version is that it covers UXP development and React JS together, which IMHO is not overwhelming but the best way possible to learn them: i.e. gaining an understanding of a tool (ReactJS) while putting it to use in the actual context you’ll need it for (UXP), and not some abstract, generic space.

There’s a ~300 pages PDF (the main reference), 17 videotutorials (5:30 hours of content, with theory and live coding), plus 16 demo plugin.
Sample content is available here (scroll down the page).

Feel free to ping me directly if you’ve questions!
Have a nice day and thanks for your time



What’s the difference between 5 hours 30 minutes of videotutorials and Downloadable videotutorials? I guess 10 seats is not needed for personal learning, right? :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s an online course and videos are only streamable for the Complete package, right?

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Hi! You’re correct, let me expand for clarity: there are 3 packages.

  1. Basic: Book + Code
  2. Complete: Book + Code + Videos (streaming)
  3. Enterprise: same as Complete, but videos are downloadable for offline viewing, plus there’s a 10 seats license.

The only difference between Complete and Enterprise is the license and the fact that the latter allows to download the video—which is something that companies usually request…



Would love to be able to download videos also - much more convenient to watch on a preferred player. But anyway, I think I’ll purchase it after work.
Will watch samples first, but it sounds like that’s what I was waiting for

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Seems like we should do a blog post about your book. :thinking: Maybe like, an author interview style thing?


Thanks! That was the easiest purchase decision I’ve made all year :slight_smile:


Sure Erin, it would be awesome thanks!!


For anyone who is on the fence… just purchase it. It is more than worth the $199.

I just downloaded and skimmed through the PDF. There is tons of useful information in it. All of my plugins just use vanilla JS because my UIs are pretty simple. Even so, there is lots of useful information even if you don’t use React.


Thanks a lot Davide! My team will have it ASAP. They all are very excited about it! Thanks for your work, uniqueness, and independent viewpoint. :boom: