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Please make it possible to create symbols via the API. Currently it is only possible to duplicate existing symbols.

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Hi @drcwj, welcome to the community! I do agree that creating symbols would be a good add to our APIs, due to the edit context limitation, this API is not likely to be available near term.

Are there any APIs to create a component and also create assets for the library (Xd v21.1)?

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Not yet! those are some of the bigger-lift items which might be planned next year.

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Hi, and thanks for the awesome product you’re developing!

I hope there are some advances on this topic. I wanted to implement a feature for Creating a Component from common props of (selected) items as a plugin, but the lack of ability to create SymbolInstance-s is a showstopper, apparently.

Aside from API perspective, such feature - diff-ing a bunch of items and extracting a component out of them - will be quite powerful, and I’m sure many front-end developers (and even designers) will be more than happy to use it.

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Yes, @peterflynn, what’s the outlook for this symbol-creation (er, component-creation) feature?

We’re getting requests from Icons 4 Design users that they’d like to create an asset directly from the plugin and save a step on each icon creation, which of course isn’t possible now.

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Hi @stevekwak is there any update on when this will be available?

@DavidXD ^^^^^^^^^^^

Questions about plans for the future of the plugin APIs are best directed at @demianborba

You are right. I’ll blame it on my lack of coffee when I wrote the original reply.

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