Get list of all SymbolInstances and create SceneNode based on a SymbolInstance

I would like to create a new element based on a SymbolInstance, where I only have the name of the symbol (resp. Component).

Which means: I would like to have access to all symbols like I have access to Color- and Fonstyle Assets.

So a function like assets.symbols.get() would be great (which returns a list of all available symbols). And then there should be an API to create a new SceneNode based on that SymbolInstance (maybe a command).

Possible duplicate of Create Symbol, Is it possible to get an array of components in the assets panel?…

I’ve also moved it into the feature requests category for you so people can vote on it (assuming it isn’t actually a duplicate, if so, could you please elaborate on how it is not :slightly_smiling_face: …).

Thx for the quick response.

The first one is about creating a new symbol (which is great - but different - idea).
The 2nd one is at least a part of this request. It is about getting the list of symbols but not about creating new nodes based on a symbol (like dragging a component from the elements panel into an art-bord).

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Isn’t creating a new instance of a symbol (i.e., an instance of a symbol in the assets panel) what you’re asking here (this would be what Create Symbol is about, although it’s not too clear)? Or are you asking to create a new symbol (i.e., asset in the assets panel) from a SceneNode?

I assumed, that creating a symbol means: create a new symbol (adding a new symbol to the assets panel). Maybe that’s a misunderstanding…

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I wasn’t too sure about that either, but

lets it sound to me as if it’s about creating a new instance :slightly_smiling_face: …