Request to add symbolName instance property for SymbolInstance instances


Thanks a lot for creating this great API which let us create our own plugins to increase the experience and benefits we get from XD. I am building a plugin and in some parts of my plugin, I show symbol names to the user depending on users selection.

For my case, a user can click a symbol which can also be a layer or they can select directly from the pasteboard. When they select a symbol I don’t care if it is a child of an Artboard or another SceneNode. I just want to show that symbol’s name.

Apparently SceneNode instances have name properties. But for SymbolInstance’s which are children of an Artboard, name field is representing the layer name. But component’s name can be different and these two are not connected and they shouldn’t depend on each other. Think about using a component instance inside an Artboard. Let’s say this component’s name is My Component and I dragged and dropped this component inside an Artboard. I can rename this layer’s name to anything from the bottom left -> Layers menu. Let’s say I renamed the layer as My Component Layer. When user select this layer, I know it is a SymbolInstance. I know there is a component and I created this instance from that component. But when I want to reach component’s name by it gives me the layer’s name. Since this is a SymbolInstance I would expect to reach out components name with a property let’s say symbolName.

I read there is another user here in this topic: API Access to Symbol name who requested a way to understand symbol name as I am but looks like this is requested a lot of time ago. Could you help me with this or give me an estimated time for the requested feature?

Thanks a lot!