Provide access to master symbols

How can we get details for master symbol? I have symbol instance which might or might not have overrides but I need to get all details (entire layers structure) for the symbol master of the instance.

In general it will be great to have ability to enumerate master symbols and other shared entities.

Feature request from How to get symbol master for symbol instance?

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How do we upvote here?
I would totally need this feature.

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@demianborba FYI ^^^

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Thanks for flagging Kerri.
Hi @gdreyv, can you please describe the workflows you’re trying to unlock in more details?

Hi @demianborba ,

as long as @gdreyv is not replying I would like to describe my use case.
I am working on a new plugin called Xray ("Design Debugger). We have talked about it last December.

The user can scan his document and get information about components. Organised by masters and instances and also grouped by component. This is what you can see in the screenshot.

Now what I want to do:

  • When the master is deleted from the pasteboard/artboard there is no way to get information about the master component from which the instance originated.
  • I would like to name the groups (Group 1, Group 2 …) based on the master components name in the assets panel.

The solution would be to be able to collect information about the components in the assets panel. The same way that I can get information for colors and character styles.
So this but with components: assets · Adobe XD Plugin Reference

Screenshot from Xray:

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Thanks @plugisto Feedback taken.