How to get symbol master for symbol instance?

How can I get details for master symbol? I have symbol instance which might or might not have overrides but I need to get all details (entire layers structure) for the symbol master of the instance.


At the current state, you’d have to find the master symbol by checking the isMaster flag…

If I got it right symbol master might not exist on the scenegraph. As I understand it must be somewhere in assets section but I don’t see how to get them with api.

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Are there any updates on that? It seems that it’s still not possible to get master symbol/component if it’s not on a scene.

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As far as I know, you can’t access the master symbol through the APIs yet. CC: @afuchs

The Dev’s on my team and myself were just asking this question today. Can we pull the metadata of a “group” of layers that make up a component (say a button for instance)?

Would it be a good idea to have a getMasterComponent() method on the Symbol class?

var masterComponent = myComponentInstance.getMasterComponent();

Should I convert this to a feature request?

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For sure! We need a way to get master symbol instance. Checking isMaster flag is not an option as instance might be not on scenrgraph (as I mentioned above).


Have you converted this to a feature request by now? If so can you share the link so that I can upvote the request?

Added Feature request here: Provide access to master symbols

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In my tests it seems that I am always getting the master symbol when using the GUID but not able to get the instances or overrides.