Developing an extension for Bridge but cannot get Bridge 2024 to recognise it

Hi, I am developing a custom extension for Bridge, for my own use on a Mac M1 running Sonoma and Bridge 2024 v14.0.1.137.

Despite having the correct folder structure and a correct manifest file, I cannot get Bridge to recognise that it exists. I have used the command line to turn on debug mode but it seems to make no difference.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why I might be experiencing this issue?


Hi David!

This isn’t really the best forum for Bridge help… this forum is about UXP plugins and scripting, which Bridge doesn’t support at this time.

You could ask here: Bridge - Adobe Community (although I suspect you may have already posted there)…

Someone was asking Bridge questions at our last Office Hours session - was that you?

Finally, in a more general sense; are you already familiar with CEP development? Have you set the debug mode? Have you made sure to specify the correct version numbers in the manifest file?

Hi Erin

Thank you for responding to my query. I was advised to post here when I posted on another Adobe forum. I’ll check which one, and if not Bridge - Adobe Community, I will post there.

No, it wasn’t me asking at the last Office Hours - I didn’t know about those sessions. I’ll look up where to access them.

This is my first attempt at CEP development but I read all the documentation and am IT literate enough to understand all the requirements. I have set debug mode via Terminal and the verification command shows it being set.

I have checked and double-checked the manifest details and they look fine.

Interestingly, the “Hello Bridge” extension shows up fine when I first install Bridge, as do any other signed extensions. However, if I make any edit whatsoever to any file, even minor naming changes, that extension no longer shows up. This makes me think that it’s something to do with debug mode and to wonder whether the MACOS native security on M series chips (with Sonoma) is causing the problem.

Thanks again for your feedback.

I was advised to post here when I posted on another Adobe forum.

Just curious; what was the other forum if it wasn’t

Here’s a list of Office Hours

It does sound, based on your description, like a security issue :thinking:

You could:

  • Try seeing if the same thing happens with the CEP HTML Test Extension.
  • See if the same thing happens in another Creative Cloud app (like Illustrator)
  • Check if the problem exists with a prior version of Bridge as well
  • See if you have the same problem on another computer or a virtual machine.
  • In prior macOS versions you could de-quarantine using an xattr command: xattr -d /path/to/file

I’d recommend reaching out to with the version numbers and system versions you’ve tried, as well as “steps to reproduce” the problem.

Thanks Erin for all your help. I will have another go at my project later in the week.

The forum to which I originally posted was the one you suggested. It was user “Lumigraphics” that suggested I post on this forum.

Thanks again, I’ll post here to let you know how I get on.