PS 2024 Crashes when opening my UXP plugin

I have created multiple Photoshop UXP plugins that were all working perfectly.
I just updated to PS 2024 v 25.0 and now one of my plugins crashes Photoshop every time I try to open it.
The other two work fine and have nearly identical manifest.json files.
I had to completely uninstall the one plugin in order to even get Photoshop to open.
If I reinstall a previous version of Photoshop v24.7.1 this same plugin works just fine with no crashes.

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What manifest and API are using?
API2 and Manifest v5?

Hi, I am facing the same issue.

I am using manifest v5.

 "host": [
      "app": "PS",
      "minVersion": "24.2.0"
  "manifestVersion": 5,

Has anyone been able to debug this issue?

I have two other plugins that are using the same manifestVersion, minVersion, and apiVersion that do not cause it to crash.

“manifestVersion”: 5,
“host”: [
“app”: “PS”,
“minVersion”: “23.1.0”,
“data”: {
“apiVersion”: 2

Always super frustrating when that happens. It might be helpful to have a better idea of the application’s state at crash time. Have you checked out the log? You can find them here:

/Users/{username}/Library/Logs/Adobe/{Adobe App}/UxpLogs_{timestamp}.log


@AOK @gms9797 Can you DM me more details or the plugin that is causing the crash? If available in marketplace or file share so that I can try this for investigation.

Found the source of the bug. Had nothing to do with the manifest.
I narrowed it down to an assigned class css property “width: fit-content;” being applied to an img tag.
In all previous versions of Photoshop this appears to be ignored, but in the latest version it appears to make the whole application crash.
Once I removed the “fit-content” all functionality for PS and the plugin are as expected.


I am having the exact same problem with crashes.

Will this issue be addressed eventually?
Or should I not use the css property “width: fit-content;”?

Fit-content for widgets like image was not working in earlier UXP versions. We were actually trying to solve a similar problem of supporting expressions in css values of widgets. That issue seems to have exposed a bug which is causing the crash. We have the root cause and a probable fix for this which should be get into the next versions of UXP and then integrated in a next version of Photoshop.

Till then it is advised to not use fit-content within widgets like .


Do you mean UXP 7.3 or 7.4?

The issue is in UXP 7.2 onwards. The fix will come in 7.4 or later.

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