Issues on add new version of Photohsop UXP plugin on developer console


Release team reported that adding new version of Photoshop UXP plugin is causing error. Could someone at Adobe check?

Error: “Json spec validation errors”.

It has been issue for past 2 days.


  1. Logon
  2. Go to Photoshop UXP plugin listings page
    Note: The plugin has already published before
  3. Click “Add new version”

Go to UXP plugin uploader

Actual result
Error: “Json spec validation errors”

No workaround.

Please see attached screenshot.

Did you build with the newly release UDT v1.8? Might be some change in the manifest if you’re using that for packaging. Have seen problems with that a while ago during some other transition.

@Ingo @Erin_Finnegan

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I’ve seen devs on the forums recreating a blank vanilla plugin and using the manifest from that in their projects with adjustments.

worth trying imo

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Can you share your manifest?

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Hi Naoki,

I’m told this is resolved now. Please give it another try and confirm.

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Hi Erin and everyone,
Thank you very much for following up.

I verified it is working now. Expected (new version info) page shows up on “Add new version” button.

Thank you,