Upload error on Photoshop UXP to Adobe Marketplace (manifest file min version)

What is the current accepted Photoshop UXP manifest file min version?

We got “Plugin manifest has an invalid host app min version” error today with "minVersion": "22.0.0".

It has been working past 2 version release. I noticed that current oldest downloadable version of Photoshop is ver. 22.2.

Is this part synchronized and required 22.2 or later?
Or possible parsing issue on UXP uploader page?

Past working versions:

Error message:

Manifest file settings:
ss_20230131_111236_Zoom Meeting

Current downloadable version from Creative Cloud Desktop app:
ss_20230131_112017_Creative Cloud Desktop

I recently saw a similar topic…would 22.0.0 to 22.0 be successful?
What’s Ps min version for manifest v5?


@sttk3 Thank you very much.
It worked with “22.0”.

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