Manifest minVersion

I have had a tough time today trying to debug my plugin.
It worked great on MAC but failed on my Windows PC

In the Manifest file, I had the minVersion set to 22.0.0 which obviously means that Photoshop 22.0.0 must have a min version of 22/0/0 to run the Plugin.

I developed the Plugin on the Mac which is running Photoshop 22.4.2 and the Windows PC is running 22.0.0

Although the Plugin ran on the Windows PC, certain things did not work.
After updating to Photoshop 22.4.2 on Windows, everything as far as I can tell now works as expected.

There is obviously some differences under the hood between these 2 versions so my question is…

Does the Target version of Photoshop have to match the version the Plugin was developed in ?

Also… Is there a list anywhere of what version 22.4.2 has that 22.0.0 doesnt have. When we used to use CEP we had a cookbook outlining what had changed and been added.