Developing an extension for Bridge but cannot get Bridge 2024 to recognise it

I was advised to post here when I posted on another Adobe forum.

Just curious; what was the other forum if it wasn’t

Here’s a list of Office Hours

It does sound, based on your description, like a security issue :thinking:

You could:

  • Try seeing if the same thing happens with the CEP HTML Test Extension.
  • See if the same thing happens in another Creative Cloud app (like Illustrator)
  • Check if the problem exists with a prior version of Bridge as well
  • See if you have the same problem on another computer or a virtual machine.
  • In prior macOS versions you could de-quarantine using an xattr command: xattr -d /path/to/file

I’d recommend reaching out to with the version numbers and system versions you’ve tried, as well as “steps to reproduce” the problem.