Does Adobe XD support any type of Write Stream capabilities?

Hello! I’m not sure if the title was the correct way to ask, but I want to use the pdfkit library for node.js and it relies on the ability to open a content stream, add text, images, etc, to it, and finally close it. I’m looking for something similar to fs.createWriteStream.

Looking through XD’s documentation it seems like I can only do basic read or write? I would really appreciate any help or advice on this, thanks!

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Right now there’s only the single all-file .read and .write available.

But you could probably implement a simple-minded write stream on top of that to use with Node libraries.


Also note you have built-in PDF rendering for anything you can construct in the scenegraph.

Oh that’s true, but I want to be able to annotate the PDF rendered which I think will require a write stream? Thank you so much for answering my question!

Good point.

We’ll have to see if others have any suggestions.