Does uxp support Macbook M1?

I have been frequently asked this question recently. I want to know if uxp is compatible with Macbook M1, but I don’t know where to find the information.

A simple Google search for “photoshop m1 compatibility” gives

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From the information on the link, it seems to support M1. But there are always users who have feedback to me that he can’t use the uxp plug-in on Rosetta. Do you know why? Is there a solution?

UXP plugins work on Apple silicon devices – I can verify, since I’m using an M1 as my daily driver and am using lots of UXP plugins, since that’s kinda my job. :wink: They work on Rosetta & Native Ps.

It would be useful to know what problems your users are seeing to help troubleshoot.


Thank you.
Which version of PS supports M1?
The PS version I’m using now is 22.0, which should not be supported.

I believe 22.3 was the first version that supported native plugins on M1.


Thank you very much.