Drag-and-drop base64-encoded image from plugin panel to current document in indesign

need to drag that bulb image and drop in document(left side)

I’ve been told that the UXP for Adobe InDesign does NOT support drag and drop - yet.


I’m using a panel to show previews of what amounts to be an Adobe InDesign snippet. I’m allowing the user to double-click in the panel and then loading the file into the pointer using the .place command. The user would then click on the page where it should be placed. It’s not drag-and-drop, but it works for us - for now.

hii @medium_jon Thanks for replied.could you please share us some reference ,Thanks in advance.

assuming that docRef_o is a reference to the document you’re using and f is the file you want to place, then you can use this:
In the case of my snippet file example, there are preferences to control if it places from where it was exported or places with Adobe InDesign’s Loaded Gun pointer.
Image files have a different set of import options.