How can we achieve drag and drop feature using UXP?

Hi all,
I am developing an InDesign plugin using UXP and I want to achieve drag and drop feature like user should able to drag and drop image to document from plugin panel.
Is there any way to achieve it in UXP?

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During a recent developer office hours I had as asked the same thing. I was told that in Adobe InDesign this is not YET an option. But that they were planning to add that. Supposedly, it might be a current option in Adobe Photoshop - I’ve not tried it there.

The vanilla HTML Drag and Drop API works in Photoshop, but I don’t know about InDesign.

Hi all, I have the same issue, drop-and-drop doesnt work,
I can’t drag element from my plugin and drop it on document,
I can get dragEnd event, even can do some manipulations manualy to add object in document, but can’t get coordinates where to put this object in document/page/pastboard.

You can place image on the active selected rectangle/selection on the document.