In extensions,some images are not get dropped properly .some other images is dropping instead of original image


Original image for the above link is.

but i got this in indesign.

Can anyone please help me out.

I also answered the DM, but drag and drop is not supported yet in InDesign UXP.

cc: @Shruti

@Erin_Finnegan not in uxp.
in extension ,we have a api that app.activeDocument.placeGuns.loadPlaceGun(url)
in url only we need to pass the path or url?.
because i have an url ,that will returns an image but image is not get dropped properly.

i don’t think you can use http url to place an image in InDesign. it should a file that can be accessed via the Place command.

@Leo Thanks for your reply
can you please help us to overcome this issue?
how can we proceed on this?

The images you attempt to place, are they available via the regular Place command in InDesign? If you can’t place them manually - for example, if the images are only somewhere on the internet - then you’ll need to download them first, then use the downloaded image path to place in InDesign. (That’s if I understand your issue correctly.)