Errors after I did some (Mac) updates - My script no longer runs

What has changed? My script has been working great for months before some updates.

Mac Ventura 13.2.1
PS 24.2
UXP Dev Tool 1.8.0

My manifest:

    "id": "LacyStudioPrintPro2",
    "name": "Canvas Pro 2.2",
    "version": "2.2.0",
    "main": "index.html",
    "host": [{
        "app": "PS",
        "minVersion": "24.2.0   ",
        "data": {
        "apiVersion": 2
    "manifestVersion": 4,
    "entrypoints": [
            "type": "command",
            "id": " ",
            "label": "Reload Plugin"
            "type": "panel",
            "id": "PrintPro2:",

[/Users/geofflacy1/Downloads/Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 19.55.57.png](https:///Users/geofflacy1/Downloads/Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 19.55.57.png)

[/Users/geofflacy1/Downloads/Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 19.55.06.png](https:///Users/geofflacy1/Downloads/Screenshot 2023-02-27 at 19.55.06.png)

I’m a bit puzzled, is the screenshot you’ve posted saying “ExtendScript debugger”, while yours is UXP Scripting code?

Sorry, I uploaded the wrong screen print.

DevTools Failed to load… Why? What’s changed? Is it a permissions thing with Ventura?

Found the solution myself.

  • I created a new vanilla plugin.
  • copy / pasted my index.js to the new plugin.
  • copy / pasted my index.html to the new plugin.

Here I noticed the manifest.json file has been streamlined in the new vanilla version I just created.
(some old UXP patches such as “host” : data: {“apiVersion”: 2} that I had have been removed in the new vanilla).

Anyway, Just using the new plain vanilla manifest.json file fixed the error ! :white_check_mark:


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