Experience Generator V1.0.5 is Available

Hey everyone. EG is now live.

Please provide feedback, we want to help everyone.
Also we are open for ideas, features request are very welcome.


Wow – that looks gorgeous! :slight_smile:

I just installed and unfortunately it doesn’t fit in my screen (MacBook Pro 13" late 2018, default retina display settings).


Working to reduce the size by half :slight_smile: New version coming soon.

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@kerrishotts there must be a problem in the file uploader is not acceting the .XDX file I am trying to submit.
Version 1.1.0 was sent by email to the review team. Should I do anything else?

@acostin v1.1.0 fixes the dialog size. I think is good now. Can you test again when you have the change and let us know if it is ok?

Working on new features now :slight_smile:

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Hi @igcorreia, I tested your Experience Generator. I noticed a strange thing: if there are elements outside artboards this is the result (I attached both ‘before’ and ‘after’ states). After clicking ‘Build Experience’ the plugin remains open and a newly created artboard overlaps the existing one.

I’m on Mac.
Hope it helps.



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Will try it and fix it. Thanks for the feedback.Any specific experience or device you are looking for? :slight_smile:

Are you referring to uploading the plugin using console.adobe.io/plugins? Can you let me know if you received any error?

My bad, works fine :slight_smile: What was the deadline for MAX?

Deadline for MAX is Oct 7. :slight_smile:

Sorry for being late.

This is the log in the console:

Reusing old dialog
Plugin Error: Artboards must be grouped contiguously at bottom of canvas z-order
at plugins/ScenegraphGuard.js:1:1320
at LinkedList.forEach (lib/LinkedList.js:1:1534)
at ReadOnlyList.forEach (lib/ReadOnlyList.js:1:282)
at validateArtwork (plugins/ScenegraphGuard.js:1:1263)
at Object.safeOperationOnNode (plugins/ScenegraphGuard.js:1:4132)
at Artboard. (plugins/ScenegraphWrappers.js:1:16296)
at Artboard. (plugins/ScenegraphWrappers.js:1:2310)
at newArtboard (/Users/paolobiagini/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe XD CC (Prerelease)/plugins/d122dd61/main.js:380:46)
at b.gen.addEventListener.e (/Users/paolobiagini/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe XD CC (Prerelease)/plugins/d122dd61/main.js:169:9)
at uxp://uxp-internal/home/ubuntu/jenkins/workspace/Torq/torq-native/torq-2.1-xd-13.0/build/modules_gen/domjs/src/js/domjs_scripts.js:254:839
at j (uxp://uxp-internal/home/ubuntu/jenkins/workspace/Torq/torq-native/torq-2.1-xd-13.0/build/modules_gen/domjs/src/js/domjs_scripts.js:254:731)
at g (uxp://uxp-internal/home/ubuntu/jenkins/workspace/Torq/torq-native/torq-2.1-xd-13.0/build/modules_gen/domjs/src/js/domjs_scripts.js:254:432)
at e (uxp://uxp-internal/home/ubuntu/jenkins/workspace/Torq/torq-native/torq-2.1-xd-13.0/build/modules_gen/domjs/src/js/domjs_scripts.js:254:161)
at i (uxp://uxp-internal/home/ubuntu/jenkins/workspace/Torq/torq-native/torq-2.1-xd-13.0/build/modules_gen/domjs/src/js/domjs_scripts.js:254:1043)
at dispatchNativeEvent (uxp://uxp-internal/home/ubuntu/jenkins/workspace/Torq/torq-native/torq-2.1-xd-13.0/build/modules_gen/domjs/src/js/domjs_scripts.js:254:2061)
at b.value (uxp://uxp-internal/home/ubuntu/jenkins/workspace/Torq/torq-native/torq-2.1-xd-13.0/build/modules_gen/domjs/src/js/domjs_scripts.js:230:6926)


Submitting 1.1.1 fixed :slight_smile: