Export of images with background blur effect

Hi guys,

i saw there is a bug in the export mechanism for image with background blur effect (that doesn’t take into consideration the brightness).

how to reproduce?

  1. open the xd file

  2. click on the image of the chair (which is “marked for export”)

  3. try to export that specific image - it doesn’t seems like the one you have in xd.


xd file:

Thank you for letting us know! I was able to reproduce this problem using your XD file, and I logged a bug with our team.

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I spoke with the develop about this, and the response was that this behavior is expected.

The brightness for a background blur object is a property that affects how the objects behind this layer are rendered. In XD, the object behind the background blur is actually a white canvas (and the brightness effect is influencing that), while when exporting the object by itself, there is nothing behind it. In the case of negative brightness, that means there is no object to “darken”, so to speak.

There is however a workaround to export the image as it looks in XD: group it with a white object behind it and export the group. I hope that helps.

Of course, grouping can be a problem unless your edit context (what the user selected) is the right one to do the grouping…