Font Awesome

@matt.holcombe and I are wondering how we can use font awesome in our pannel plugin. Or is there an alternative way to incorporate icons?

If you mean just to use them as control icons, you can get the Font Awesome repo and download the appropriate .svg files from, then turn them into .png files which you can reference from your controls’ <img> tags.

Or, apparently, you can get .png files from

Actually, @kerrishotts, do you have any examples of using .svg files referenced from controls? I couldn’t get it to work.

Even better if we could use data: urls with the .svg encoded as base64.

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@matt.holcombe check this out

Or you could download our about-to-be-released Icons and Symbols plugin (not publicizing it yet), and choose/place the icons you need from 12 different icon sets (including Font Awesome) into an XD document. Then export those as individual .png files, and link to them from your UI.

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Just-released Icons and Symbols (deep link for installation), so you can try it out more easily. (It’s a freebie.)

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Yes! @cpryland Thank you for sharing " " !! Im going to check it out right now!

@matt.holcombe check it out!