Get back to previous version of a plugin

The latest update of my favorite plugin removes my most loved feature.

But, It’s present in the older version.

Is there any possible way to roll back or reinstall the old version of a plugin in Adobe XD?

Hi @harsha20599,

Welcome to the community! Unfortunately, there is no version control in XD plugin manager yet. What plugin are we talking about here? Maybe we can help you get the previous version manually.

Thank you so much for the reply, @stevekwak
The plugin name is icondrop by iconscout and the major feature that I am missing from the previous version is…
Whenever I search for an icon, It displays “copy to clipboard” button. But now, after the latest update, they converted to the “insert” button.

Who likes insert button which places a pixelated image in the selected artboard instead of pasting wherever we want.

@tarunmangukiya see your customer feedback above

Hi @harsha20599,

Can you share a screen recoding video for reference? It can help us debugging.

@tarunmangukiya Thank you for posting back.

Sorry, as of now, I cannot able to access the previous version of the plugin.
However, this is where the copy to clipboard button is replaced with insert button.

Hi Harsha,

You need to sign in to download svg. Can you try after that?