Get File-Entry without forcing the user to select it via File-Dialog

Use case:

I’m about to create a plugin which creates a table-grid based on data in a JSON-File.

The user selects a file and the grid is created. The name of the file is stored in the pluginData. The plugin should also provide a feature “Refresh table”, which should read the same file again and update the table-grid. For now this is not possible, because there is no way to get a file-Entry without a File-Dialog (at least I’m not aware of any API, which would allow that).

Maybe this restriction has security reasons, but since XD is a desktop application not a WEB-Site, I’d find that exaggerated.

an API-function like FileSystemProvider.getFile(nativePath) would be great.

Please see Persist file references (while not being exactly the same, it’s close and at least related, if not, when implemented, even the same).

A small comment regarding

The thing is that right now, plugins can get installed with one click without any chance to rate them or anything. Therefore, if a plugin has malicious intents, there is no chance to “call it out”, so to speak, and I am glad plugins therefore don’t have “unrestricted” access to the file system. As soon as a permission system arrives, this changes (as the user will have to explicitly allow a plugin to gain “arbitrary file access”), but the way it is right now, just because it isn’t a website doesn’t “remove” security concerns.

While not about the same thing, see the discussions regarding security here: