Hi, Andreas here

Hi, I’m Andreas, the CEO of a small company named DiVisual® GmbH based in Switzerland.
For about 15 years we are developing a addon/extension for fine art conservators to track condition of art works within a TIFF file.
The extension is not as wide spread in use as we hoped it will become, but since we didn’t do any marketing for it, this is no real surprise. Anyway we re happy to have a nice row of customers from all over the world that stayed with us since the beginning.

For us it is time to dig into the new UXP development and I wonder, if there is any chance UXP extensions will run on an iPad in the near future. Do you know of any plans for developers to develop for the iOS platform?

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Hi Andreas!

Welcome to the forums!

Several developers have asked about extensions on iOS or mobile, but unfortunately this is not currently on the roadmap. There’s a lot of effort towards bringing UXP plugins to the web versions of our apps, but it isn’t clear at this time if web extensibility will work on mobile apps the same way.

That said, if you could describe your awesome business use case in more detail and mention how many users you have (even if it’s just a ballpark figure) it would help us make the case for iPad extensibility!