Inspect V4.0 submitted

Hey all any feedback about our plugin? What do you think so far?
V4.0 is coming soon, here is the video.


Would you mind providing some detail on what the use case for the plug-in is? It looks really interesting but I’m not sure what it does.

Also, it wasn’t clear to me from the video, are you running key commands to open the plug-in? Do you need to select objects?



Greetings Jon,
Regarding Icons, it provides icons font libraries inside XD. Right now only Font Awesome Pro is provided. You’re able to search icons by keywords and place them on the artboard. Now, Inspect provides a way to gather images, text content, colors, and forms from a given URL, and place them on your artboard. If an object is selected, Inspect will try to fill it with the selected content, if not, an object will be generated aswell. Now, in Experience Generator you can generate entire groups of artboards for each experience and device selected, that way you’ll have every artboard needed for that specific experience, with defined sizes for each device resolution. By combining several experience and device selections, it’s able to create complex workflows in a matter of seconds. We’ve recently released a new feature entirely focused on Social Media, providing useful experiences for the most popular medias out there.

Let us know if you need further explanation regarding each plugin or have any question and feedback. Thanks for checking out the plugins! :grinning: