Hi there! I'm Valentin, I developed the "Fit to Artboard" plugin

Hey !

I’ve been lurking here for a while, but since I started posting some feature requests yesterday, I think it’s a good time to introduce myself to the small but fine community here :sunglasses:

The first XD plugin I shipped was Fit to Artboard - A tiny humble plugin that just adds 2 shortcuts to resize shapes to their parent artboard height or width.

I’ve created it for my own use: I work as a UX/UI Designer and spend most of my time in XD & Webflow creating website & web-apps from small projects to large ones.

I was frustrated with the manual work of adjusting sizes using my mouse or the property pannel so I toyed with javascript to build these small shortcuts and I wanted to experiment publishing it.

Since then, I have been playing with javascript and XD plugins as I grow more and more frustrated with the lack of constraints based design properties in XD. For now, I am doing this for my own everyday use but I would love to publish something complete and polished the day I’ll be convinced that it can be useful for other heavy duty fellow designers :slight_smile:

Talk to you soon ! :heart:


Hi Valentin, thanks for introducing yourself! We love to see stories like yours, where a creative picks up some JavaScript and creates a specific workflow enhancement.

Welcome to the community! Lurking is fine, but it’s always nice when people say hi :slight_smile:


Hi Ash, thanks for the warm welcome!

Looking forward to posting more here!
I already developed a spacing plugin for my own use, but it seems that it’s something that is next in line for an upcoming release? :eyes: (from what I’ve read in the XD users forums)

Anyway! Here is a glance at what I built myself to boost my own workflow these days, it’s called Stack It :sweat_smile: I’ve just put up a quick video so that I can share it with the community here:

Edit: the dialog shoud say “set spacing” instead of always saying “stack horizontally with spacing”, but hey it’s a wip :blush:


Sweet!!! :heart_eyes:

We found Valentin’s story inspiring! We wrote a blog post about it!

Check it out below: